8 Top Reason Why Project Fails!

Failure to track the resources accordingly?
Limited tracking of project budget and resources?
Lost of project documentation?
Poor coordination of issue and work in progress?
Lack of critical on-time financial and project information?
Failure to understand the scope of the project?
Miscommunications of project details?
Under-scope of the project?


The XPERT project was designed to solve the above issues and assist management in better management of the resources to complete a project on-time and on-budget.

With XPERT Project, your company will reap the following benefits

On time project information.
Up-to-Date project status, project issue and action plan.
Full control by the project manager and management.
Real-time – Project P&L – budget and actual
Better communication between project team and management
No messy report to prepare – all status are retrieve from the system.
Better sharing of information between team members and third party.
Ability to track all billing, collection and write-off financial data.
Better utilization of your resources.
Better management of your outsource parties

What Industry can use XPERT Project?

Architect companies
Construction Companies – Civil and M&E
IT companies
Property Developer
Engineering companies
Interior Design Companies
Quantity Surveyor
Advertising companies
… and any other project based companies ….