XPERT KNOWLEDGE focuses on streamlining the process of connecting those who know with those who need to know. But only employees themselves can judge how well a company comes to grips with knowledge management. The questions to consider are simple: is it easy to get hold of relevant knowledge with others? Is it easy to share knowledge with others? XPERT KNOWLEDGE provides both the infrastructure and the content to ensure that the answer to both questions is “Yes.”

Depending on the type of organization and role of the individual employee, client or investor – different systems work together but are accessed from a single interface – using a Web browser which is universal and easy to learn. This smooth interaction between business processes and knowledge transfer processes ensures effective knowledge management.


As XPERT KNOWLEDGE is an integrated solution, your managers will find it easier to track, quantify, calculate and if required, invoice the flow of knowledge. As a standalone product XPERT KNOWLEDGE consists of a range of tools for modelling, creating, modifying, distributing and managing knowledge content easily.

Users access the XPERT KNOWLEDGE through an ordinary web browser – where they can immediately access the information that they need.


Users of the system are able to easily place any kind of document in the XPERT KNOWLEDGE (JPG, MPG BMP, HTML, XML, PDF, DOC,XLS, PPT, AVI, WAV,EXE and so on). This allows an easy way to put up the required knowledge into the system as fast as possible. After all the information and knowledge come in many forms.


Besides being a centralized repository of knowledge, XPERT KNOWLEDGE allows users to define the knowledge category and knowledge type to allow for the drilling down of the information base. As the solution is built around Push and Pull technology, XPERT KNOWLEDGE allows the auto update of the latest news and information to the user.


With a built-in Search engine, users of XPERT KNOWLEDGE can search thru the database for the right information with the greater speed. This self-service access to the knowledge base will be the main driving force to information and knowledge dissemination. An internal audit trail of user access has also been pre-built into the system where it will be able to track the access of a user to any particular information. This is important as it will be able to highlight which users have been accessing specific types of information e.g. financial, or annual reports, etc.