Sofware Development Services

XPERT SDLC is a methodology (a system of ways of doing things especially regular and orderly procedures), used in the analysis and design stages of systems development. It also encompasses issues or the construction, testing and implementation of software.

XPERT SDLC is a structured methodology where it can assist us to develop an application which not only meets the client requirement but one that comes with proper documentation and deliverables that will ease the maintenance of the system by your programming and system staff.

XPERT SDLC a prescriptive approach to information systems development in that it specifies in advance the modules, stages and tasks which have to be carried out, the deliverables to be produced and furthermore the techniques used to produce the deliverables. XPERT SDLC adopts the Waterfall model of systems development, where each phase has to be completed and signed off before subsequent phases can begin.

XPERT SDLC has been used by us since 1999. It has been used to design many of the software for our customers. We have developed this methodology in a bid to standardize the many and varied IT projects being developed for our customer.

The XPERT SDLC Methodology covers the full cycle of software development namely:-
•Requirement Definition Stage
•Analysis and Preliminary Design Stage
•Design and Specification Stage
•Software Development Stage
•Implementation Stage
•Support Stage

We have developed this proven Software Development Life Cycle Methodology to assist your organization in facing the challenges of delivering software development projects based on specific budget and timeline.

Moreover, with a methodology in place, you could apply for an ISO 9000 certification or provide an additional assurance to your client that your company has a quality management system in place to deliver the products to them.