XPERT Member is a Web-Based eMembership solution for professional bodies, associations, colleges, Koperasi, MLM and club industry. It allows these bodies to manage all its membership details with online access for the members to check on their status.


XPERT Member also provides full function to keep billing information and have a full fledge Membership option that can set to manage all the membership information thru a single interface
XPERT Member has also incorporated with the student management modules, which allows for the exemption, exam registration and result maintenance.

XPERT Members Features-At-A-Glance
Flexible User Defined Membership category and type.
Flexible Setup Membership Fees.
Support for CPD (Continued Professional Development) and CPE (Continued Professional Education) management.
Support for Course Management
Support Subject Exemption Management
Have a built-in Membership AR (Account Receivable) to keep track all membership financial record.
Have an extension to the student registration module.
Support for exam registration and result management.
Support for Online Membership Document Management option.
User Defined generation of membership fees.
The user-friendly search option allows for quick and easy access to membership information.
Allows Web Access for members to check on the status, outstanding and CPD anywhere, anytime and any place.
Online payment for membership fees, exam and events registration payment.
Integration option to a payment gateway.
Integrated to XPERT CRM for relationship management.
Integrated to XPERT KNOWLEDGE for document management.


√ Streamline the membership registration – can be done from a branch office.

√ Have full information on the profile of the different members’ category.

√ Ability to change the member’s status based on the achievements and also on their outstanding.

√ Ability to maintain real-time members financial information on the latest billing, collection and write-off.

√ Allow keeping track of the results of the students – issuance of the transcript.

√ Interface to the exemption system reduces the risk of error in data entry.

√ CPD option allows the ease to record all CPD approve course and also on the qualification as a practising member.

√ The online outstanding report allows ease to follow thru.

√ Membership access provides the option for self-service and later to e-Payment option.

√ Online access by members to update records and view transaction history.

√ Allows for student registration and management.

√ Result management for ease to keep track of student performance and the printing of transcript.