What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a process that entails analysing an individual’s financial needs and translating them into monetarily measurable goals for varying stages in the future. Financial planning guarantees that an individual’s financial goals are met by having the appropriate amount of money in the right hands to achieve an individual’s financial goals.

Objectives of Financial Planning.

Identifying the requirement for money for different purposes and prioritising them.

Converting these requirements into precise needs in terms of money and the time frame they must be met.

Assessing the investors’ present financial situation to determine their net worth and net income/expenses.

Savings and investments should be planned in a way that allows investors to attain their pre-determined objectives.

Increasing returns by diversifying appropriately following the risk-return framework used by investors.


Creating a thorough financial plan is traditionally a time-consuming, challenging, and error-prone process. We have relieved the advisors of this burden and made it easier to construct a comprehensive financial plan. With our solution, the financial adviser can design a realistic plan with the right approach and critical monitoring in less than 15 minutes to GROW their client’s money.

A financial plan that is not like the rest! The dynamic financial plan will map out/identify the significant financial areas that may affect the client’s RETIREMENT PLAN. We have also looked at several critical factors, including inflation, return on investment, pension fund, and, most importantly, the client’s child’s educational needs, all of which might impact the retirement plan. The internationally recognised FINANCIAL PLANNING PROCESS was used to produce the XPERT FINANCIAL PLAN system.

For the first time, the financial planner will keep track of all of their client financial information in one location. Our daily ALERTS will notify the adviser/planner if the investment falls below or exceeds the preset low or high levels. This will enable them to inform the client to make informed financial decisions to maximise their profits. This proactive service will aid in resolving the issue of clients not being informed when specific pricing has been reached. It makes the adviser/planner look good in front of the client.

Our quick RISK PROFILE test takes less than 2 minutes to establish the client’s risk appetite. The adviser/planner will ensure that they understand and recommend the best solutions to the clients to get the most out of them.


We provide you and your client complete control over their finances and objectives. The following main areas are covered by our solution:-

1) Customer Fact Finding entry.

2) Dynamic Customer Net worth and Cash flow Development.

3) “What If” Retirement Plan Simulation.

4) Asset Allocation and Risk Profiler.

5) Children Education Need Analysis.

6) Insurance Need Analysis.

7) Financial Health Check.

8) Investment KPI and Asset Analysis

9) Dynamic Financial Plan development and tracking.

10) Support user remarks and monitor key alerts.

11) Online update of new investment – Regular unit trust price /share prices update.

12) Dynamic selection of products and instant change to financial plan to meet the client needs.

13) Web based access by Adviser – to get the latest information to work with clients – access from anywhere anytime.

14) Option for Client access to the system.

15) Can be customized to your need and more…

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