What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is an exercise aimed at identifying all the financial needs of an individual and translating these needs into monetarily measurable goals at different times in the future. Financial Planning ensures that right amount of money is available in the right hands at the right time in the future to achieve an individual’s financial goals.


Objectives of Financial Planning.

Identifying the requirement for money for different purposes and prioritising them.
Converting these requirements into specific needs, in terms of money, and the time when it is required.
Taking stock of the investors’ current financial position to ascertain their net worth and net income / expenses.
Planning savings and investments in a manner that would enable the investors to achieve their pre-determined goals.
Optimising returns through adequate diversification in sync with the investors’ risk – return frame work.



Conventionally to develop a comprehensive financial plan is a tedious, complex and error-prone task. We have taken this pain and hassle from the advisors to assist them to develop a holistic financial plan. With our solution, it takes not more than 15 minutes and you will be able to develop a workable plan with the right strategy and key monitoring to GROW your client money.

Financial plan with a difference! The dynamic financial plan will be able to map out/ identify all key financial areas that will impact your client RETIREMENT. We have also taken some key indicators for example inflation, rate of returns, pension fund and most important your client child education needs that can impact the retirement plan XPERT FINANCIAL PLAN is solution was developed based on the PROVEN FINANCIAL PLANNING PROCESS. It is integrated to the XPERT CRM to provide top notch service to your clients.

Now, for once you will be able to track all your wealth from one place. Our daily ALERTS will also inform you on your investment once it hits below your low level or high level. This will allow you to make timely financial decision to reap the maximum benefits. This pro-active service will help to alleviate the problem of not communicating with the clients where certain prices have been reached. It makes you look GOOD with your customer.

With our instant RISK PROFILE test, it takes less than 2 minutes to determine your client risk appetite. This will ensure that you understand and recommend the right products to your clients to reap the maximum benefits.



We give you and your client TOTAL control of their money and their goals. Our solution covers the following key areas:-

1) Customer Fact Finding.

2) Dynamic Customer Net worth and Cash flow Development.

3) Dynamic Customer Retirement Plan.

4) Asset Allocation and Risk Profiler.

5) Education Need Analysis.

6) Insurance Need Analysis.

7) Financial Health Check.

8) Dynamic Financial Plan development and tracking.

9) Regular unit trust price update.

10) Dynamic selection of products and instant change to financial plan to meet the client needs.

11) Online Customer Account Management

12) Auto matching of Customer transaction with Service Provider.

13) Tier and Banding Commission model.

14) Web based access by Adviser – to get the latest information to work with clients.

15) Dynamic online update of new investment.

16) Lead management and more…

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