The Xpert CRM is a web-based system designed for the use of Financial Planner to monitor, track the financial information of its client. This provides a centralised view of its customer information and financial portfolio. The system capitalised the combined function of Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The Xpert CRM provides the following real-time portfolio management of the customer financial. The Xpert CRM is able to monitor 5 key financial portfolios namely:

Life Assurance

Unit Trust

General Insurance


Estate/ Wills


Property/ Real Estate


The system also allows for the upload of a related transactional document that will be tagged to the customer. To his option have the benefit of the planner to upload the risk profile of the customer. Many versions of this profile can be performed to the customer and will be saved to the customer directory. This allows quick and efficient retrieval of details of the transaction. As the system is designed as a parameter driven, it will allow the user to be able to customise the relevant fields used to capture the financial information.


As a browser-based solution, it will allow the financial planner the option to retrieve information anywhere, anytime. The planner is able to update and upload any customer information at his/her convenient time. With the in-built CRM application, the planner is able to plan its daily activity accordingly. All meetings and discussions with the client and their request can easily be updated and monitored by the system.


The financial planner will have the flexibility to track all the transactions from quotation to order and be able to monitor all claims made by the customer. The financial planner is also able to track each stage of the sales process.
The system had an in-built search engine that will allow the financial planner to search for the exact information of the customer. The system has been built intuitively to make the flow of information for easy and quick access. With the system in place, the financial planner is able to use this tool to communicate effectively with the customer.


To keep the best customers, the financial planner must concentrate its energies on quickly and efficiently creating new delivery channels, capturing massive amounts of customer data, and be tying it all together to create a unique experience. Only by creating an infrastructure that integrates sales and service with all aspects of operations can the planner expect to see a change in customer relationships.

Key Benefits

Real-time, on-line access to customer financial standing at any point in time.

Ability to recommend suitable product offering to the client.

Provide critical information for Customer portfolio and risk management.

Provide a long-term relationship with the customer.

Maintain a full detail historical information of the client proposal, order & claims status.

Able to cross sell on other product offerings.

Quick access to an electronic document of the transactions.

Ability to export client information to Excel format.

Keeps track of outstanding matters by customers.


Xpert CRM System Function

Ability to keep track of 5 financial products namely Life Assurance, Unit Trust, General Insurance, Mortgage and Estate/ Wills. (future release will be able to support more category later).

Customizable fields and data entry forms.

Multi-Language support.

Multi-Agency support.

Parameter access control.

Flexible product setup.

Checklist setup.

Messaging Function.

Daily activity tracking.

Financial Planner – To do list.

Agency product information.

Online Document Management Capability.

Support Unit trust price entry and Import from text file.

Support Individual and Corporate client.

Agent Commission and payment.

Search Function.

Agent and Customer Dashboard

PDA version (future release).

Online Fund price


Due Date Report

Portfolio Summary report

Portfolio detail report

General Insurance Summary and Detail report

Life Assurance Summary and Detail report

Mortgage Tracking report

Unit Trust Transaction Report