Document Conversion Services

Have you ever wondered how you could fit thousands or even millions of documents on multiple CDs or on a central server, and still be able to find them? We’ll scan, convert, process, index and archive your files onto any media format you desire. Whether it’s CD-ROM/DVD, the Web or even floppy, your files will become instantly accessible.


We live in an era where companies strive to become more efficient while maintaining a level of customer service that exceeds past standards. Electronic document conversion helps achieve these goals in many ways. Electronic documents allow a company to share and access information, saving time, increasing efficiency and providing better customer service.


XPERT provides services to help companies transition from a paper-based to a “paperless” paradigm. Our conversions include but not limited to eBook, Word, Access, Power point, Excel, Video, Audio, DAT, VHS, PDF, SGML/XML/HTML, Paper, Images, Photos, and in fact any Format to Any Format. We’ll convert your magazines, newspapers, records and notes into SGML, XML, HTML, database, PDF, Microsoft Reader according to your specifications.

XPERT converts data to most industry standard formats.

Scanning Services
(Free up office space through digital documents)

•Document preparation
•Document Scanning
•Document Storage Systems
•Image clean-up
•Online Indexing
•Image Indexing and Index verification
•Scanning text with OCR
•(Optical Character Recognition) OCR correction
•Web documents – eDoc
•Database creation
•Data Conversion
•Scanning software
•Large Format Scanning
•CD creation
•Internet Image Hosting of your Documents with full encryption and security.
•Data Conversion
•Paper Scanning
•Document Scanning
•PDF Conversion
•ADOBE Document Development Archives, Libraries, Historic Documents can be scanned and converted to full text searchable electronic documents or database driven search fields.
• Electronic Publishing
•Publish your documents via the Web or via CD-ROMS
•Make your documents available on a paid per view or subscription basis.
•Electronic Filing – Have your new documents filed electronically.