Company Profile

XPERT TECHNOLOGIES is an IT solutions company that deliver sophisticated technology-based systems to enable our clients to extend their businesses in today’s competitive marketplace.


We provide technologies that enable our customers to take advantage of the efficiency of the Internet and combine both emerging and existing technologies to reduce costs, improve operating efficiencies, optimized supply chains, shorten cycle time, create new revenue opportunities, improve communications and strengthen relationships with customers, business partners and suppliers.


XPERT TECHNOLOGIES seeks to provide a unique, enterprising and dynamic working environment, founded on our corporate values:

  • Integrity – Ensuring that we are honest, fair and open in all dealings, to build strong relationships based on trust and respect.
  • Quality – Driven by the belief that there is always improvement to be made, we strive to continuously achieve excellence in everything.
  • Entrepreneurship – Nurturing the powerful entrepreneurial spirit by seeking out new markets and unsatisfied customer needs and innovative solutions to satisfy them.
  • Partnership – Cultivating and strengthening productive relationships with our business customers.


XPERT TECHNOLOGIES core focus is in providing Information Technology System Development that can provide software products and solutions for the Knowledge Management System. Our business concept is to enable businesses to offer electronic services and commerce to complement their existing services by creating new revenue streams and reducing costs.

We have use core technologies to develop our Solution System that may be used in various other solutions for on-line services. Under our company, we have successfully developed and implemented the following solution: –

XPERT Knowledge – Knowledge and Document Management System
XPERT Project – Project Tracking and Monitoring System
XPERT Time – Time Sheet System
XPERT FP – Financial Planning Software
XPERT CRM – Customer Relationship Management System
XPERT Sales – Sales Force Tracking System
XPERT Member – Membership Management System
XPERT Customized System Solution

XPERT TECHNOLOGIES offers specialized services to customers in application management, design solutions, and integration solutions. We have a highly qualified team of service professionals who are able to offer integrated services, including requirement assessment, systems architecture and design, project management, and training services.


At XPERT TECHNOLOGIES, we believe in open standard programming that is why we have chosen the Open Source Software Technology as our core framework that can be run on either a Windows NT, Unix, Solaris and the ever-popular Linux platform. Apache Web Server, Php development tools and mySQL database power the XPERT solution. This allows the ease of interface to all the utilities to any database of choice. It is not rigid in design to enable the development to be done on a low-end database that can be easily be ported to an Enterprise Database with great ease.